Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lookin good!

Hey all! mom and dad took us to the groomer, and we left squeaky clean with snazzy tiger-print bandanas!!! Check us out: (left to right: ME!TicTac, Sam, Sammy and Homer)
Foster brother Jakey, this boy needs to smile for the camera!!! Rumor has it he might be finding a forever home this week! Not that we don't love him, but that's great news!!! : )
Muskie fish, he's the tiniest baby (or so mom says):
I am SO cute, look at my pearly whites:
Sam looked especially nice in this color:
Homer and Sammy- that brother of mine Sammy is always yappin about something! There's no shutting that one up:
See, what did i tell ya? Here's Sammy jabbering again! (clockwise from the black pug: Sam, ME!TicTac, Sammy, Homer)
It was a loooong day at the groomer, so now my brothers and i are really tired! I am especially moody this evening...but what's new?!

Mom and dad told me that on their way home from dropping us off this morning they saw Annie Faircloth's van at the vet's office so they stopped to see what she was up to; she had the cutest little pug Bobby Boucher. I bet he's not as cute as me though! Just sayin... : )

Well i'm off to bed, here's one more shot of us sleepin with daddy from a minute ago:

Okay one more...look at Muskie's squished up face!!!! hahahahahaha! :

On that note, goodnight!

TicTac <3


  1. TicTac, honey.....I'm thinkin' Sammy an' my sis O'Mally would make a good pair. That old bird NEVER shuts up!

  2. You all look so glamorous in your tiger stripes!!!!

  3. Woo hoo a trip to the spa, you all look fabulous! Love your bandanas!

  4. Those are some nice bandannas you alls got there!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  5. You all look awesome in your bandanas! We're keeping our paws crossed for Jakey getting a forever home :-)

    Pug hugs and kisses!
    The Pug Posse

  6. thanks all!
    Jakey found his forever home just this past saturday pug posse! we are so happy for him, but i kinda miss his stinky butt!

    <3 TicTac