Tuesday, October 27, 2009


hey all! so, my mom got me a snuggie today...at first i was skeptical, but when i felt how nice and plush it was, and that it was the perfect color for my eyes...i was SOLD! this might be the first time in a WHILE that mom has bought me something i'll actually wear...she can't choose anything right!

so Jakey, my foster brother, is crazy! today while mom and dad were away at work he grabbed onto the baby gate with his teeth and pulled it down, and then banged on the bathroom door until it opened! you would never guess that there was an almost empty bag of food in there in a storage bin from when he first came to our house (mom says the food was really cheap and terrible)! well, when the gate went down it was like supermarket sweep! we all charged into there, ate all the food, peed on mom's hair dryer, went "all the way" (as dad only allows us to call the stuff that starts with p and ends with oop) on the rug, partied in the tub, y'know normal pug stuff. : ) for whatever reason when mom came home she was mad...REAL mad, we all laid on the futon trying to hide the fact that we are gassy beyond belief and our bellies were/are fuller than full!..there's no foolin' mom. i'd be mad too if i had to clean up a bunch of "not so solid all the way" because our bowels seemed to have exploded! hahaha, man we're brats!

speakin of brats...here i am in my snuggie all fat and bloated from that stupid rachel ray food that we all inhaled in the bathroom...oh and that's Muskie and Sammy in the background feeling a little unpleasant themselves...
you KNOW some puppies are feelin sick when Muskie (on the left) and Sammy are cuddling up on mom's lap at the table...these two are constantly pickin fights between eachother!!!
here i am in my snuggie...worn out and snuggly..?
gimme a T...gimme an I...gimme an R...gimme an E....gimme a D, what's that spell? TIRED! what's that spell? TIRED damnit! : )
hope you enjoyed the pics, and the story, i can just hear mom sayin: you know your life sucks when...haha

love ya,


  1. TicTac, honey....now THAT'S funny!! I don't care WHO ya are!!! Hahahaha!!! Good job keepin' mom on her toes!

    And ain't you just the cutest little thing sleepin' in yer Snuggie!

  2. Not sure if I say poor puggies for havin' bloated bellies and runny butts or poor momma for havin to clean it up!! Wow, you all did some damage!!!


  3. Snuggies are great! We lovesa ours...well at least I, Tuni loves mine.

    Sequoia and Tuni

  4. hi tictac!
    it is so nice to meet you and your family! we found you from our friend lilo.
    you look so cute in your snuggie!

    melissa and emmitt

  5. Hi TicTac! I found you from Lilo's blog, too! Nice to meet you and your nice little snuggie!

  6. Lilo- ain't that the truth? i'd have to say feel more sorry for us bein sicky, AND mom being hella mad at us! hehe : )

    nice to meet you guys too! we look forward to readin your blogs!

    <3 TicTac