Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hey you guys and gals!

hey, what's up? here's a little game for you guys...ok there are FIVE pugs in this picture (all my stinky brothers and i), BUT, can you find them all???

is the suspense just killin ya??? ok well my four brothers are horribly obvious and easy to find, but here's number five: ME!!! i was hiding in daddy's hoodie, hehe : ) here's my little butt and tail and legs!!!
i don't know what mom was saying to us this morning, but we were REALLY interested...Muskie somehow never ends up in the pictures with the rest of us, he's actually under the red blanket with dad:

well, i hear all this talk of the indy pug meet-up this saturday, mom says she has to work til 5, but might try and get outta there around 2:30 so she can come and hang out, she said maybe i can come too, but we all know that i don't like anypugs besides my brothers, although i've come outta my shell a bit with our recent fosters, truthfully they've been scaring the hell outta me!!! they come and chase me once they're comfy with us not sniffin their butts anymore, and i run and hide under the couch! silly foster pugs, they oughta know they don't call me the teenage "witch" for nothin!

i'm so glad that the pug posse is back!!! one day i'll grow up and come meet all of you crazy pugs! : )
bed time for the brothers and i...it's a PERFECT night for cuddling, hope mom and dad are ready for us to be all over them!

love ya,
TicTac <3


  1. Oh TicTac, we can't wait to meet you!!! We hope you come out of your shell soon!!! I think we could have lots of fun together.

    Love the pic =)


  2. Tic Tac you are too cute under the hoodie!

  3. How funny to snuggle under the hoodie. Seems like a good place though. We'll have to see if we can get away with that with our humans.

  4. TicTac, honey.....you are just too cute under yer dad's hoodie!

    Sure hope we get tuh see ya this weekend!

  5. Hi TicTac!!! I got to meet your parents today after they did all that nice work for KPR at the Gift and Hobby show!!!

    Hank and I worked it hard and got lots of people to "tuck a buck"!

    Mom thinks your bloggie is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Talk sooN!