Monday, October 26, 2009

tell all your friends!!!

Well today was fairly was home all day with the brothers and i, he sure does sleep a lot, not that i'm complainin...(that's me on the right, Sam in dad's pit, and Homer far left, and Muskie left)
Jakey has been crazy today, he keeps running through the house like something's after him, if he doesn't settle down he'll have something to run from for real (ME!)!

mom and dad keep talkin about taking us to the groomer this week, i definitely need a mani and pedi, and my brothers stink, so BRING IT ON!

we're also moving!!!  well, not 100% sure, but like 99.9% sure!  mom and dad are working on getting us moved to Jamestown, i hear tidbits about a bigger bathroom, large kitchen, and a bigger fenced in yard...totally sweet!

check out this youtube video i found, it's freakin hilarious!

here's some pictures from a couple weeks ago when mom took me up to see her nephews, my

are we having fun yet???

here's Gabe...i had to squeeze into this ought to know that when they camera is out...
I am in!!!
here's mom cutting Judah's hair...
this one's me telling her not to mess up!  ha!  
mom says this one is the "ultimate boneless" picture or something...what do ya think?

i think it's pretty cute, if anyone's askin!

well goodnight everyone,

TicTac <3


  1. Hey, TicTac, honey.....those little human fellers sure are cute!

    An' tell that dad o' yers tuh git his butt outta bed and fix y'all somethin' tuh eat....looks like yer starvin'!!!

  2. Lovin' the boneless pic, TicTac!!! With all those pugs cuddled up in the bed, it's no wonder the daddy doesn't want to get out =)