Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Bloggers!

What's up guys and gals??? It's been a while, huh? I bet ya missed me! Well since I've been away mom's managed to take some pretty good pics of me and my stinky brothers... Here's some of them...

Sam fell asleep on the futon in a little spot where somebody chewed part of the outside of the waterproof sheet up (I SWEAR I don't pee in the bed!)...he was lookin awfully cute though...
BURIED ALIVE!!! little bugger was out like a light...Old dark man who's name is Sam...haha dad always sings that...
mom can be SO mean sometimes when we sleep...here's Muskie ("the baby") sleepin, mom covered him up with my PINK snuggie!!! (I guess it wasn't REAL mean, he was probably a little cold...)
here's Sammy Bug Eyes lookin as pathetic as ever...don't let him fool ya, he's the one who's chewed our fence to pieces and hangs onto the pickets with his teeth!!! feet danglin and the whole bit! he's pretty photogenic though...
here's Homer all posed up on my perch talkin to dad, i don't know what Homer was saying...but it sure looked like dad was concerned or interested...
Muskie "the baby"...
ahhhh MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WHILE I'M BLOGGING!!!!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!
so we've been staying pretty busy, last week was the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show at the state fairgrounds, mom was going to take Sam and Homer on Wednesday, but since Sam AND Sammy had pneumonia (!!!), she was afraid of it spreading to any of the other pups there (good call mom). our friend Candy brought James, Gubba and Chewbacca (sp?) instead and they just helped out with those three, as they were leaving Hank and Salinger showed up with their moms! mom and dad got to meet Salinger and his mom for the first time, he's a charming fellow, all gussied up in his tie...we missed out on all the fun! Dad went back on Thursday night with Homer (Sam and Sammy were getting cough-free by then), and they had a nice time workin it for KPR! Mom went back Sunday and was a dummy not bringing any of us so she drove over to the pug circus house and picked up my ex-foster brother Mugsy and Bobby Boucher (who is SO cute!), she had fun she said...this Sunday mom will be at petco in speedway if anyone wants to come and say hi, I, of course, won't be there...last time mom was brave and took me along trying to get me to grow up a little bit and be a nice girl I tried to eat a pit bull...hehe, I just couldn't help myself...he got too close to us! : ) wow I just typed a whole bunch, I'll shut up before my brothers make fun of me for runnin my mouth too much!

the perfect shot to wrap it all up...THE END(s) literally! hahahaha!!!!! (L-R ME!, Sam, Muskie)

sweet dreams everybody!
love ya,
TicTac <3


  1. TicTac, honey....it was great seein' yer mom last week. She's such a cutie.

    Boy, those brothers o' yers are somethin' else! Good thing yer around tuh keep 'em in line.

    The end(s)! :)

  2. Such cute pictures. That last one is great - gotta love a good pug butt photo :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. Don't knock Muskie with the pink. Real Male Pugs wear pink! That's great you all worked all those KPR events. Mommy and me wanted to volunteer for one of the State Fairground events, but we were only available on Sunday - which didn't have any openings. Oh well, maybe next year. I'm glad you all had fun!

  4. Ok all your pictures are so cute and funny! We love the one with you blogging and the end pictures too, hehe.

  5. PUGBUTT!!!!!

    You are so funny with your stinky brothers TicTac!!!! It was so nice to finally meet your mom and dad and hopefully we'll get to meet YOU soon too!


  6. TicTac, honey! It's me, Hank! Yep, I'm alive an' well.

    Thanks fer yer concern!

    Pee Ess: An' just fer the recerd, I'm PO'd that I didn't git tuh see yuh! The folks made me stay home while they shopped. Sheesh....