Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's been a while...

well...we've been pretty darn busy around our house. rumor has it we may be getting a new foster sibling. mom and dad keep trying to whisper about it, but i swear i heard them saying "SHE" instead of he!!! they ought to know better, i AM the only sister in this house!!!

mom and dad are closing on their new house Dec. 15th, and WE ARE EXCITED!!! that's new peein' territory for the boys and more loungin areas for ME! yay!

well hope you all are well...until next time...

love ya!
TicTac <3


  1. Ruh Roh. A new foster sis?

    Mom has been having the talk with me about my bestest peeing bud, El Guapo going to Maui and learnin' to speak Mahla Kalika Makla. When he sends me peemails, I sure hope he sends 'em in English.

    We haven't told Stella that mom & dad adopted a new 'permanent' sister. She's used to being the ONLY princess like you, Tic Tac. I'm kinda looking forward to being king of this household.

    Snorts and Licks,

  2. Whoa.....TicTac, honey. Do yer folks know whut they're doin' addin' another hen to the house?!?!

    Uh, yeah....good luck with all that!

  3. hehe thanks all! looks like my dirty looks paid off (mom and dad can sure take a hint) and we're getting ANOTHER brother! ahhh!!! i guess it could be worse (a.k.a-another sister!?) thanks for the concerns!!!


  4. Gunther- good luck with another sis...maybe it'll be kinda like my set-up with all brothers and one sis, only it'll be all sisters and one bro??? good luck!

  5. Lots of fun coming up for you Tic Tac.

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