Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's been a while...

well...we've been pretty darn busy around our house. rumor has it we may be getting a new foster sibling. mom and dad keep trying to whisper about it, but i swear i heard them saying "SHE" instead of he!!! they ought to know better, i AM the only sister in this house!!!

mom and dad are closing on their new house Dec. 15th, and WE ARE EXCITED!!! that's new peein' territory for the boys and more loungin areas for ME! yay!

well hope you all are well...until next time...

love ya!
TicTac <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Bloggers!

What's up guys and gals??? It's been a while, huh? I bet ya missed me! Well since I've been away mom's managed to take some pretty good pics of me and my stinky brothers... Here's some of them...

Sam fell asleep on the futon in a little spot where somebody chewed part of the outside of the waterproof sheet up (I SWEAR I don't pee in the bed!)...he was lookin awfully cute though...
BURIED ALIVE!!! little bugger was out like a light...Old dark man who's name is Sam...haha dad always sings that...
mom can be SO mean sometimes when we's Muskie ("the baby") sleepin, mom covered him up with my PINK snuggie!!! (I guess it wasn't REAL mean, he was probably a little cold...)
here's Sammy Bug Eyes lookin as pathetic as ever...don't let him fool ya, he's the one who's chewed our fence to pieces and hangs onto the pickets with his teeth!!! feet danglin and the whole bit! he's pretty photogenic though...
here's Homer all posed up on my perch talkin to dad, i don't know what Homer was saying...but it sure looked like dad was concerned or interested...
Muskie "the baby"...
ahhhh MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WHILE I'M BLOGGING!!!!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!
so we've been staying pretty busy, last week was the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show at the state fairgrounds, mom was going to take Sam and Homer on Wednesday, but since Sam AND Sammy had pneumonia (!!!), she was afraid of it spreading to any of the other pups there (good call mom). our friend Candy brought James, Gubba and Chewbacca (sp?) instead and they just helped out with those three, as they were leaving Hank and Salinger showed up with their moms! mom and dad got to meet Salinger and his mom for the first time, he's a charming fellow, all gussied up in his tie...we missed out on all the fun! Dad went back on Thursday night with Homer (Sam and Sammy were getting cough-free by then), and they had a nice time workin it for KPR! Mom went back Sunday and was a dummy not bringing any of us so she drove over to the pug circus house and picked up my ex-foster brother Mugsy and Bobby Boucher (who is SO cute!), she had fun she said...this Sunday mom will be at petco in speedway if anyone wants to come and say hi, I, of course, won't be there...last time mom was brave and took me along trying to get me to grow up a little bit and be a nice girl I tried to eat a pit bull...hehe, I just couldn't help myself...he got too close to us! : ) wow I just typed a whole bunch, I'll shut up before my brothers make fun of me for runnin my mouth too much!

the perfect shot to wrap it all up...THE END(s) literally! hahahaha!!!!! (L-R ME!, Sam, Muskie)

sweet dreams everybody!
love ya,
TicTac <3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hey you guys and gals!

hey, what's up? here's a little game for you guys...ok there are FIVE pugs in this picture (all my stinky brothers and i), BUT, can you find them all???

is the suspense just killin ya??? ok well my four brothers are horribly obvious and easy to find, but here's number five: ME!!! i was hiding in daddy's hoodie, hehe : ) here's my little butt and tail and legs!!!
i don't know what mom was saying to us this morning, but we were REALLY interested...Muskie somehow never ends up in the pictures with the rest of us, he's actually under the red blanket with dad:

well, i hear all this talk of the indy pug meet-up this saturday, mom says she has to work til 5, but might try and get outta there around 2:30 so she can come and hang out, she said maybe i can come too, but we all know that i don't like anypugs besides my brothers, although i've come outta my shell a bit with our recent fosters, truthfully they've been scaring the hell outta me!!! they come and chase me once they're comfy with us not sniffin their butts anymore, and i run and hide under the couch! silly foster pugs, they oughta know they don't call me the teenage "witch" for nothin!

i'm so glad that the pug posse is back!!! one day i'll grow up and come meet all of you crazy pugs! : )
bed time for the brothers and's a PERFECT night for cuddling, hope mom and dad are ready for us to be all over them!

love ya,
TicTac <3

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

lookin good!

Hey all! mom and dad took us to the groomer, and we left squeaky clean with snazzy tiger-print bandanas!!! Check us out: (left to right: ME!TicTac, Sam, Sammy and Homer)
Foster brother Jakey, this boy needs to smile for the camera!!! Rumor has it he might be finding a forever home this week! Not that we don't love him, but that's great news!!! : )
Muskie fish, he's the tiniest baby (or so mom says):
I am SO cute, look at my pearly whites:
Sam looked especially nice in this color:
Homer and Sammy- that brother of mine Sammy is always yappin about something! There's no shutting that one up:
See, what did i tell ya? Here's Sammy jabbering again! (clockwise from the black pug: Sam, ME!TicTac, Sammy, Homer)
It was a loooong day at the groomer, so now my brothers and i are really tired! I am especially moody this evening...but what's new?!

Mom and dad told me that on their way home from dropping us off this morning they saw Annie Faircloth's van at the vet's office so they stopped to see what she was up to; she had the cutest little pug Bobby Boucher. I bet he's not as cute as me though! Just sayin... : )

Well i'm off to bed, here's one more shot of us sleepin with daddy from a minute ago:

Okay one more...look at Muskie's squished up face!!!! hahahahahaha! :

On that note, goodnight!

TicTac <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

miss Molly

everybody keep miss Molly (Hank's sis!) in your thoughts and prayers...she's on the road to recovery, we sure hope she's feelin better soon!

TicTac <3


hey all! so, my mom got me a snuggie first i was skeptical, but when i felt how nice and plush it was, and that it was the perfect color for my eyes...i was SOLD! this might be the first time in a WHILE that mom has bought me something i'll actually wear...she can't choose anything right!

so Jakey, my foster brother, is crazy! today while mom and dad were away at work he grabbed onto the baby gate with his teeth and pulled it down, and then banged on the bathroom door until it opened! you would never guess that there was an almost empty bag of food in there in a storage bin from when he first came to our house (mom says the food was really cheap and terrible)! well, when the gate went down it was like supermarket sweep! we all charged into there, ate all the food, peed on mom's hair dryer, went "all the way" (as dad only allows us to call the stuff that starts with p and ends with oop) on the rug, partied in the tub, y'know normal pug stuff. : ) for whatever reason when mom came home she was mad...REAL mad, we all laid on the futon trying to hide the fact that we are gassy beyond belief and our bellies were/are fuller than full!..there's no foolin' mom. i'd be mad too if i had to clean up a bunch of "not so solid all the way" because our bowels seemed to have exploded! hahaha, man we're brats!

speakin of i am in my snuggie all fat and bloated from that stupid rachel ray food that we all inhaled in the bathroom...oh and that's Muskie and Sammy in the background feeling a little unpleasant themselves...
you KNOW some puppies are feelin sick when Muskie (on the left) and Sammy are cuddling up on mom's lap at the table...these two are constantly pickin fights between eachother!!!
here i am in my snuggie...worn out and snuggly..?
gimme a T...gimme an I...gimme an R...gimme an E....gimme a D, what's that spell? TIRED! what's that spell? TIRED damnit! : )
hope you enjoyed the pics, and the story, i can just hear mom sayin: you know your life sucks when...haha

love ya,

Monday, October 26, 2009

tell all your friends!!!

Well today was fairly was home all day with the brothers and i, he sure does sleep a lot, not that i'm complainin...(that's me on the right, Sam in dad's pit, and Homer far left, and Muskie left)
Jakey has been crazy today, he keeps running through the house like something's after him, if he doesn't settle down he'll have something to run from for real (ME!)!

mom and dad keep talkin about taking us to the groomer this week, i definitely need a mani and pedi, and my brothers stink, so BRING IT ON!

we're also moving!!!  well, not 100% sure, but like 99.9% sure!  mom and dad are working on getting us moved to Jamestown, i hear tidbits about a bigger bathroom, large kitchen, and a bigger fenced in yard...totally sweet!

check out this youtube video i found, it's freakin hilarious!

here's some pictures from a couple weeks ago when mom took me up to see her nephews, my

are we having fun yet???

here's Gabe...i had to squeeze into this ought to know that when they camera is out...
I am in!!!
here's mom cutting Judah's hair...
this one's me telling her not to mess up!  ha!  
mom says this one is the "ultimate boneless" picture or something...what do ya think?

i think it's pretty cute, if anyone's askin!

well goodnight everyone,

TicTac <3